• bogus
  • counterfeit
  • fabricated
  • fictitious
  • forged
  • fraudulent
  • mock
  • phony
  • spurious
  • affected
  • assumed
  • concocted
  • invented
  • make-believe
  • pretended
  • pseudo
  • reproduction
  • sham
  • simulated
  • artificial

What a lovely list of synonyms – they are all so true, pertinent and apposite!

How sad that they have no currency today – nobody cares if any of these epithets are applied to themselves or their actions!

It was a glimpse of Elton John breaking down and weeping at his 937th concert because “walking pneumonia” prevented him from continuing to sing and play, that spawned this rant.

It wasn’t his crocodile rock tears, nor his powder blue sequined jacket and certainly not his music.

It was his lovely head of artificial hair looking so soft, fulsome and naturally brown on his chubby 72 year old head.

It made me think of all the other sham, artificial and simulated crap that is presented as valid entertainment on television today. The epitome of bogus in a slather of similar pseudo products is “Married at First Sight”.

The concept is wretched and the participants are mostly pathetic, shallow, botoxed, counterfeit people desperate for the accolade of celebrity.

Apparently, in Australia, there were 15000 applicants for this years’ production. What is worse is that over a million people watch each episode; more than the news or any other channels’ offerings.

Who can justify this fascination with tawdry, immoral, unscrupulous, desperate producers recruiting such poor human examples and their friends and families in shabby, sordid, sly and salacious screenings?

Botox, breast and buttocks implants are the winners. Good news, heroism, achievements and success are rejected – too hard.

Fake is cheaper and easier and quite acceptable.

Can you say that you watch MAFS without a twinge or even the slightest distaste, revulsion or horror?

I suppose it is the equivalent of watching the barbarities committed in the Colloseum to entertain Caesars …. it seems many people love watching pigs in blood, so long as they are not spattered.

They pretend that they are not affected by the behaviour they watch – is it pride? Look at that – it is sooo bad, sad and pathetic, I would never do that…!

How can we stop this love affair with the sham and shoddy, this belief that artificial is better than real, that dyed hair is preferable, that …. aargh! I give up!

Roll on Blockchain!

Author: manqindi

Post imperial wind drift. Swazi, British, Zimbabwe-Rhodesian, Irish, New Zealand citizen and resident, now in Queensland, Australia. 10th generation African of mainly European descent. Catholic upbringing, more free thinker now. BA and Law background. Altar boy, wages clerk, uncle, prefect, student, court clerk, prosecutor, magistrate, convoy escort, pensioner, HR Practitioner, husband, stepfather, father, bull terrier lover, telephone interviewer, Call Centre manager, HR manager, grandfather, author (amateur)

2 thoughts on “Fake”

  1. Hear Hear!

    I feel the Australian acceptance of such behaviour is more vivid than on other continents. But it’s changing each year, as is my increased awareness of it so perhaps it’s just perception at the time. I’m sure Europe is no better in the grand scheme of things.

    “They pretend that they are not affected by the behaviour they watch – is it pride? Look at that – it is sooo bad, sad and pathetic, I would never do that…!”

    To offer an explanation (certainly not a justification) I believe it’s down to the feeling of self gratitude people feel when watching such shows, that attracts them to keep tuning in. Which in itself is an incredibly selfish thought to own.

    I enjoyed this post a lot!


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