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Nduna cover

After a childhood in a small rural mountain kingdom, filled with friendly people, we were tossed about by the winds of change that wafted through Africa.

The son of a District Commissioner, I grew up with Swazis and spoke siSwati before I spoke English. I am known by my Swazi name in the family and amongst Swazis. 

These are some memories of the people, places and dogs in the innocent adventures which filled my early life.
My education was at St Marks – a traditional colonial public school type of school which was a great experience for many – a bit rough for others.


Abandoned by the Crown and rejected by the Swazis, most of us scattered over Sa swazi boyhoodouthern Africa, somewhat baffled and resentful, but never forgetting the innocent joys of our childhood and the beauty of Swaziland.


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A Swazi Boy  now available in paperback at Amazon. 

ARough Justice cover

 ROUGH JUSTICE – Reminiscences of a Rhodesian Magistrate

Rhodesia in the 1970’s was an adventure and wildlife paradise for young men. The Ministry of Justice offered me the opportunity to serve as a magistrate like my father in Swaziland and his grandfather in the Transkei.

These are stories of court work and my life during the bush war.

Wartime generated an energetic social life, risk taking and carefree attitudes in the attempted suppression of anxieties bred by the dangers all around.

I was not reticent and joined in with vigour, while trying to observe a number of laws I applied in court. But there were some bawdy songs, rugby, a lot of beer and a brawl or two.

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This was the first book I wrote for our family reunion in Swaziland.

It is a history of the background and family of a colonial administrator in Africa towards the end of the imperial era.

There is a huge number of fascinating stories in our family history in Africa. Amateur genealogy is absorbing. This is an example of how one can depict family genealogy for future generations.