Jaw Abcess

How quickly scenarios of the worst kind enter one’s mind. I mean cancer doesn’t arrive overnight …does it?
I thought it was just an old dodgy tooth!
Ah well – I might have to shave my beard off, Lawks!!
This is likely the penalty for wearing vaguely unsilly socks yesterday (Friday in Aotearoa) and mingling with some suited tie wearers. They were navy blue with Xmas trees and gold stars, – quite tasteful, I thought.
It was a meeting of HR professionals – really disturbing to see the range of attire – jeans and shaved heads to orange pink suits and hairspray. The profession really lacks backbone – perhaps I shall spread the good word of SSP (Silly Socks Philosophy). It is a sufficiently gentle revolutionary rationale which might appeal to the intellect and energise the need for an attack on stupid conventions.
Yeah, I will consider a way to sneak a link onto the society’s website!
Oooh, I’m such a risky devil!!

It’s still Friday in lots of the world

I suppose it is appropriate to update this column/blog on Fridays. I missed that day in New Zealand but half the world still has lots of Friday left, so I suppose that’s okay.
How easily we add rules to our life!
Well, having thought up the rule – I will now discard it.

That brings me to some awkward aspects of the Silly Socks on Friday (SSOF)institution/movement:
What do we call this type of collection of thoughts held by people? Institution suggests insanity, movement scatology and school may be juvenile. Do advise..!
This is about the 10th or 11th year that I have been part of the school / movement / institution and strangely enough, I am currently the only known member!
There have been other members but they appear to have fallen by the wayside or fallen into the trap of a lack of creativity and discipline. I recall one case of an aspirant follower who had to be denounced – he wore the same socks on 3 consecutive Fridays, for goodness sake! (Mind you, he was not all that bad, I believe he did wash them!)
I do hope that this type of thinking will attract some like minded simple philosophical thoughts.
Until next Friday … or whenever.

First Time Out

The institution of Silly Socks on Friday occurred in Africa in the early 90’s. It was intended to place some focus on the silly side of serious, or vice versa, the internal debate rages on. Ex Africa aliquid semper novus.
There is one rule for aspirant followers: On Fridays, wear silly socks.
It is a very simple but strict rule:
· no monotones, with one exception, different colours on each foot is acceptable.
· If one forgets, rectification must be immediate.
· If no silly socks are to hand, go sockless as the rule only applies if you wear socks on Fridays
· The same silly socks on successive Fridays is seen as counter revolutionary and unacceptable

We stand for quirks and whimsy, serious looks at silliness and silly looks at seriousness.

Our current campaign is a global war against that yoke of uniformity, the neck tie. There can be no logical explanation why people continue to tightly tie strips of cloth round their throats and then dangle them on their chests.