It’s still Friday in lots of the world

I suppose it is appropriate to update this column/blog on Fridays. I missed that day in New Zealand but half the world still has lots of Friday left, so I suppose that’s okay.
How easily we add rules to our life!
Well, having thought up the rule – I will now discard it.

That brings me to some awkward aspects of the Silly Socks on Friday (SSOF)institution/movement:
What do we call this type of collection of thoughts held by people? Institution suggests insanity, movement scatology and school may be juvenile. Do advise..!
This is about the 10th or 11th year that I have been part of the school / movement / institution and strangely enough, I am currently the only known member!
There have been other members but they appear to have fallen by the wayside or fallen into the trap of a lack of creativity and discipline. I recall one case of an aspirant follower who had to be denounced – he wore the same socks on 3 consecutive Fridays, for goodness sake! (Mind you, he was not all that bad, I believe he did wash them!)
I do hope that this type of thinking will attract some like minded simple philosophical thoughts.
Until next Friday … or whenever.

Author: manqindi

Post imperial wind drift. Swazi, British, Zimbabwe-Rhodesian, Irish, New Zealand citizen and resident, now in Queensland, Australia. 10th generation African of mainly European descent. Catholic upbringing, more free thinker now. BA and Law background. Altar boy, wages clerk, uncle, prefect, student, court clerk, prosecutor, magistrate, convoy escort, pensioner, HR Practitioner, husband, stepfather, father, bull terrier lover, telephone interviewer, Call Centre manager, HR manager, grandfather, author (amateur)

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