About Manqindi

Swazi Jaha

Dia duit! Maoileachlainn Mícheál Ó Purséil is ainm dom.

*(God be with you! Malachy Michael Purcell is my name).

A tenth generation African, born and schooled in the Kingdom of Swaziland, an Irish citizen.

Colonial drifter wafted by the winds of change through Rhodesia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, New Zealand and now Australia.

Timekeeper’s clerk, Clerk of Court, Judge’s Registrar, Prosecutor, Magistrate, Convoy Escort, Industrial Relations Superintendent, HR Manager, Call Centre Manager; husband, father and grandfather.

Poor gardener, worse artist and Francoise Hardy fan.

Author of Family history and autobiographies of early life in Swaziland, experiences as a magistrate in the Rhodesian war and industrial relations during the South African struggle.

I have also published a book of short stories and poems:

Skimming the surface.

All my books are available on Amazon.

Manqindi is a Sotho word for small hands. I am also known by other names.

Picture is of a Swazi indoda, painted many years ago by E Gordon Cumming.

2 thoughts on “About Manqindi”

  1. small world – I grew up in swaziland and went to st marks school (and then waterford). I also worked at vaal reefs for a period. Where are you in Oz? – I am in sydney. When were you in swaziland and at vaal reefs? Cheers Ben


    1. At St Marks from 1957 to 69; lived in Bremersdorp, Mbabane and Havelock Mine. Was IR Supt on VR East between 84 and 97. Live in Queensland near Brissie.


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