Get real & toughen up!

Greetings heroes of the revolution!
I honour & praise you & hope that your year will bring you new found joys & riches …. and the courage to face reality & do the right thing!
It must be something about New Year resolutions that brings out whining & blaming …..
Social interaction is like mixing new chemicals – the outcomes are unknown and often not understood & frequently only discovered long afterwards….
Does that meean we should not interact or attempt to influence our surroundings … because we don’t know what will happen? Or should we hide away and interact only with chemicals we know. (hic!)
Should Marco Polo have stayed at home, Jesus stuck to carpentry, Confucius to painting??
To take your self & your work & ideas to the world is a duty. You are unique & wonderful & change the world around you, just by being there.
Do more, change it for the good, challenge & test, entertain & build … don’t run away.

(Don’t know if I like this Pollyana red neck ranter?)

Author: manqindi

Post imperial wind drift. Swazi, British, Zimbabwe-Rhodesian, Irish, New Zealand citizen and resident, now in Queensland, Australia. 10th generation African of mainly European descent. Catholic upbringing, more free thinker now. BA and Law background. Altar boy, wages clerk, uncle, prefect, student, court clerk, prosecutor, magistrate, convoy escort, pensioner, HR Practitioner, husband, stepfather, father, bull terrier lover, telephone interviewer, Call Centre manager, HR manager, grandfather, author (amateur)

5 thoughts on “Get real & toughen up!”

  1. Mixing is good. Exchanging ideas is good. Chemical reactions are also good as long as they don’t lead to those atomic chain reaction that are irreversible.

    So yes Marco Polo shouldn’t have stayed at home but GW Bush and all other crusaders bloody well should! 😉


  2. Hic new year MickyD, (and ABEUnLtd) Have been trying to understanding your reactions with some relevance to my present problems (see blog re Changing Duvets)and have come up with the answers to my problems. Either I should mix up a chemical solution to destroy all duvets with in the house, so peace would rain forever, OR, partake of a chemical reaction (with ice and slice) so it would numb the pain of changing the darn things, but most surely we should send, come the glourious day, the inventor of neck tie and duvets to the guilotene. Either way I should not whing or lay blame, but enoy the possibility of the reintroduction of sheets and blankets and eider downs – how civilsed…..

    (Your first line is great, thanks for the encouragment)



  3. Hey Mickey D, your name sounds like a character from Cape Breton Island. Anywho, I like the sound of your off beat rant and believe you would make a good fit with the rest of the collective electics in my blog neilEmac view.

    And yes, the voyager, prophet and philospher were right to travel in their minds or on the high seas but I agree with Abe that GW Bush shouldn’t have been let out of the gate. Most people with his moronic ideas spend their days in asylums hidden away from the norm, n’est pas? Or, at least, should. 88|

    I knew a psychopath with similar facial and verbal actions as Dubya; he fell through a crack in our Canadian social safety net, chopped of an ear of a mentally challenged man he lured into his basement apartment, threw another older man down the basement stairs leading to his pad, was eventually nabbed by poilice and is now doing life for murder. >:-[

    Yes, Bush should have stayed on his ranch and not stepped into the Presidential race in the first place. He’s made a complete mess of any positve American influence that existed before his tenure. I’m not surprised at the growing animosity toward him and his globe-trotting, war-mongering, resource-robbing lying cabal. Megalomania comes to mind.|-|

    Your turn, Mickey D. like Abe-unLtd said, “…exert yourself blogging! Pull those socks up and get down to it.” Write on!

    neil E mac :>>


  4. Och aye neil E mac! I’m no relation to the Fynn fellow who puts you to sleep. I thought Cape Bretons were French speaking. m’sieur?
    What worries me about Dubya & his approach to the world is that most Yanks (or at least a majority) support him. He is their face & attitude – it’s frightening.
    I have blogged & feel better now!


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