The Struggle Continues! A slogan from the Mocambiquean war of independence – a ghastly little last gasp of imperialism.
However, I thought it could be borrowed for the equally protracted, if slightly less bloody global campaign against the necktie.
Is it necessary to dwell on the indignities and folly of the necktie convention? Is this frilly rag not an indication of the wearer’s willingness to subjugate him/herself to a mindless uniformity? Notwithstanding the utter illogicality of this idiotic apparel!
(Mind you, if a woman wears a tie, she must be slightly off the beaten track!)
I am sure the willingness of so many to decorate their chests with lightweight nooses is merely unthinking habit.
THINK ABOUT THE NECKTIE, YOU CORPORATE DRONES! Invite the Chairman to debate this piece of silliness, flood the company bulletin board with practical uses of the necktie competitions, wear real nooses round your necks….. VIVA INDIVIDUALISMA!!

On the subject of wars, tomorrow is Rememberance Sunday. I remember the old men’s tears and fears at the parades, Barry, Mickey, Mike, Roy, Bill and the fear and beer of the sad times, the living wounded, so sad, such a wrong road.

Author: manqindi

Post imperial wind drift. Swazi, British, Zimbabwe-Rhodesian, Irish, New Zealand citizen and resident, now in Queensland, Australia. 10th generation African of mainly European descent. Catholic upbringing, more free thinker now. BA and Law background. Altar boy, wages clerk, uncle, prefect, student, court clerk, prosecutor, magistrate, convoy escort, pensioner, HR Practitioner, husband, stepfather, father, bull terrier lover, telephone interviewer, Call Centre manager, HR manager, grandfather, author (amateur)

3 thoughts on “ALUTA CONTINUA !”

  1. Hi MickyD

    Thanks for your earlier email. I just remembered a situation I found myself in a few years ago, whilst working for a firm of office suppliers, I had to attend an Exhibition (What fun!). The morning arrived, and I decided that as I would be walking around the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham all day, I wanted to feel comfortable, so the necktie stayed at home, safely tucked up in the draw (ah).

    Well, got into work the next morning, and was ‘dragged’ into the MD’s office to be confronted by her and my manager. It turns out that my colleague whom attended the exhibition with me said that he thought I was dressed ‘down’ a bit.

    Well I was warned that if I ever ‘represented’ the company at an exhibition again, I must follow company dress code.

    Now my mone was that my manager, a lady of the female persuaion, made a habit of dressing ‘up’ she was well endowed in the ‘A’ level department, so a rather full and ample neck line was always on show. Infact she was not the only female in the office, and none of them wore ties …. strange that, with them it was almost a ‘smart but casual’ dress code. Funny that was just what I thought I was wearing the day of the exhibition, neadless to say it was the last one I was volunteered to go to.

    Keeping the banner flying high and Aluta Continua….


  2. Micky

    Just had another thought, when are the next general election’s in NZ, I think you would just about make PM, by introducing the Silly Sock Friday and putting all neckties on the next shuttle into space, to be disposed off, what would alien life forms make of the aforementioned ‘thing’ or perhaps they would think the wearers of this devise could be the aliens!!!! I’ll volunteer to come over and be your campaign manager, it’s five tickets though (wife and three rugrats)


    Aluta Continua


    1. It is a possibility – just had an election: even split between Labour & National (tories) – Labour cobbled a coalition with 2 or 3 other parties. Could be a new election quite soon!!
      Politicians here are generally fairly average & PC. I’d probably not meet the electorate’s expectations.
      However SSP makes a good election theme…Hmmm!


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