A Prayer for my Daughters

One of my beloveds is ill, stricken by a mystery bug and reduced to uncomfortable misery. I retreat inwardly with fear & re-read Yeats’ poem to see if he expresses what I feel.
It causes me to think of my other daughter, the well one, who is leaping out of school to sieze life & demand of it satisfaction. And then my son, and I read that Yeats’ poem too. It invokes Michael the Archangel, with his fiery sword – I have introduced him to them, so they know that he will stand up for them.
What do godless people do when they fear what the future hold? Who do they pray to? That is where God is at, no doubt – there to allay despair, even that of evil people. It must be so tempting, so frightening to them: Repent and I will embrace you
I am sure God would wear silly socks if he were’nt a sandal type. Just to show that he is not uniformly conventional, at least. Or maybe to sanctify quirks as acceptable. Lovely word – quirk!